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She practiced performance ballet for 6 years, also participated in numerous sports dance competitions, practicing this sport for 10 years.
She attended high school with a profile in dance and physical education, and her passion for sports grew with age. Due to the combination of fitness and ballet, she has developed a special focus on discipline and performance. At the same time, practicing ballet showed her the importance of stretching and posture in developing a harmonious body. She started working in fitness due to her passion for classes, she has been certified as a Les Mills trainer(Body Pump, Body Balance and Cxworx) trainer for more than 5 years, and she has also been working as a fitness instructor . He finished the fitness trainer course at the Balkan Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding.
Due to her passion for classes, she was also certified as a stretching and cycling coach.
Two years ago, she also became a nutritionist technician, specializing in body remodeling.

Fitness instructor and personal trainer accredited by the international bodybuilding and fitness federation
Instructor Les Mills - BodyPump, Cxworx, BodyBalance

Programs for muscle hypertrophy
Cardio training programs
Functional training