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From taking dancing and gymnastics classes as a little girl, Mihaela turned the connection between mind and body strenght into her greatest passion and way of living.

2014 is the year her fitness journey starts, specializing in Choreography Classes, Khai Bo and Bagboxing, Functional Training, Interval Training, Stretching as a group fitness instructor, her motivation being contagious to her clients. Not only that, but Mihaela’s passion and determination to influence people on a better living takes her to becoming a Personal and Online Trainer, making it secure to adapt to the needs of any client of hers. Because nutrition is the basic necessity of living a long, happy life, Mihaela takes a step further and specializes as a Nutrition Consultant.
Mihaela was a Bikini competitor in 2022 at “Masters 40+” category.
She became an International Presenter in 2023, winning the second place at CREA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION in Italy, but her greatest achievement is still boosting people’s quality of life through fitness and nutrition on a daily basis.