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Functional training, aerobic and step master trainer

Ivan Pavalachi


Ivan Pavalachi is a master trainer specializing in functional training, step, and aerobic exercises, originally from the Republic of Moldova, who has been living and working in Italy, Rome, for over 10 years. Ivan obtained his sports license in Moldova and continued to pursue his passion for fitness when he settled in Italy.

He chose to specialize in fitness, undertaking numerous training courses and obtaining various certifications in aerobic, step, and functional training, which allows him to offer variety and effectiveness in the workouts he teaches.

Ivan has had the privilege of participating as a distinguished presenter at numerous fitness events, both nationally and internationally, where he has had the joy of sharing his knowledge and experience with people from all over the world.

His motto, "Sweat today, smile tomorrow," reflects the idea that effort and discipline in the present will be rewarded with satisfaction and joy in the future.

Being part of this experience is just as important to him as it is to the participants, and he can't wait to motivate and inspire each other on the journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle!