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Israel Mallebré is an international fitness presenter and physical exercise educator with 25 years of experience teaching instructors and trainers. He has worked with schools and the most prestigious organizations worldwide. Israel has been elected the best international fitness presenter in more than 30 countries.

Specializing in human movement and strength training, Israel is a kettlebell master trainer with expertise in both the Russian and American schools. Additionally, he holds the title of official weightlifting coach from the Spanish Federation.

Israel is known for his specialization in pedagogy applied to exercise and is the creator of methodologies applied to various disciplines and training programs. He serves as an official trainer of Animal Flow, holding the position of an official ambassador and being in charge of Animal Flow in the Balearic Islands.

As the creator of the Athlete Method and Body Weight Training I.M Method, Israel is also a technical advisor for sports facilities and a physical trainer. In the product area, content creation, and training, he contributes to internal training at GoFit Europe and is involved in content creation and training for Nexus Fitness Spain.