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Hello! My name is Grațiela Solomon (aka Grace), and I love to let my heart sing. My source of inspiration is the "doina" – a unique, rich, emotional, and original Romanian musical genre. Born in Romania with a purpose, surrounded by the folk music of the Romanian people, I now convey it in my own unique and gentle way.

My experience as a classical singing student at the University of Music in Bucharest, collaboration with the Romanian Opera in Bucharest, participation in pop bands, six years of teaching singing to children, and a sound healing course in Bali allow me to approach music from different perspectives. Allowing changes and trusting the Universe, I've been prepared to stop, listen, and tune into this vibrational plan.
Sound is what gives life to matter, a healing gift present in every moment and in each of us, free for everyone to use.

If you feel tired, stressed, confused, or simply curious, a sound healing session brings relaxation and regeneration to the body, mind, and soul. The sounds of sacred instruments like Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, and voice emit vibrations aimed at precisely increasing the vibrational frequency. Changing our vibration, we move from lower states.

As sound acts on the electromagnetic waves in the brain, you can reach elevated states of consciousness, and various hormones and neurochemical substances are released.