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Bianca-Ana-Maria Mărgărit is a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, and serves as an instructor at Fiteducation Romania Academy. Her enduring passion for sports and a health-conscious lifestyle, cultivated since her formative years, motivated her to pursue a medical career, seeking a comprehensive understanding of the human body.

Having successfully attained her medical degree in 2016, she concurrently commenced teaching responsibilities at Fiteducation Academy, specializing in anatomy, core physiology, and myofascial kinetic chains.

Over the past three years, aligning with the commencement of her eldest daughter's kindergarten journey, Bianca initiated a meaningful project called "HEALTHY, STRONG, JOYFUL." This project is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle within educational institutions.

Within the framework of this initiative, Bianca engages with children to impart knowledge on the fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she organised an obstacle course coupled with functional training, showcasing the enjoyable aspects of physical activity to the younger demographic.