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Adrian is one of the most popular instructors in the country and is recognized for the record number of participants he has in his classes. He teaches explosive Khai Bo and Bag Box classes at well-known clubs in the country.

Adrian has always been the right hand of Troy Dureh, the founder of this concept, being trained by him himself. He participated in numerous specialized trainings in England, where he obtained the Khai Bo & Bag Box trainer certification (trainer). He is a presenter on the big stages of conventions in Romania and Europe, where he gathered a lot of souls eager for movement and thirsty for the energy of his classes.

We are honored to have him as a Master Trainer in the team and we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the chance to train with one of the best instructors in Romania.

Adrian has also in Romania countless studies in martial arts (international training courses), he can be proud of the first and second places in karate competitions and National Karate Championships.