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Adina Plesa is an esteemed 500 Hours Advanced Sivananda Yoga Teacher who has immersed herself in the rich traditions of Indian yoga. Spending over two years in India, primarily in Sivananda Ashrams, she has devoted her recent years to mastering and disseminating the authentic practices of traditional Indian yoga. Her deep passion for Vedanta Philosophy and traditional yoga methodologies has been a guiding force in her journey.

Her expertise extends beyond teaching; Adina is renowned for organizing yoga retreats in Romania and across the globe. These retreats are unique, focusing not just on yoga as a physical practice, but more significantly, on embracing yoga as a holistic way of life. Her approach is deeply rooted in the belief that yoga transcends the mat—it is a path to living mindfully and harmoniously.

At the Sense4Fit Summit, Adina aims to connect people from diverse backgrounds, sharing her wisdom and experiences. She advocates for integrating the principles of yoga into everyday life, encouraging a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Her sessions are not only about perfecting asanas but also about fostering a community that values wellness, inner peace, and the transformative power of yoga.