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Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, BioTechUSA Athlete

Ulisses Jr


Ulisses Jr. is a globally renowned bodybuilder, fitness model, and personal trainer, celebrated for his impressive physique, dedication to the sport, and inspiring journey in the world of fitness. With over two decades of experience, Ulisses has carved out a prominent place in the bodybuilding community.

Early Life and Career:

Ulisses’ passion for fitness began at a young age. Born and raised in New York City, he was an athletic youth, excelling in various sports. His journey into bodybuilding started in his late teens, driven by a desire to transform his body and push his physical limits.


Ulisses has achieved remarkable success in his career, winning numerous bodybuilding competitions, including:

• Musclemania SuperBody Pro Champion
• Musclemania World Pro Champion

His exceptional physique and dedication to the sport have earned him a loyal following and recognition worldwide. Ulisses is not only known for his competitive achievements but also for his work as a fitness model, gracing the covers of prominent fitness magazines and collaborating with leading fitness brands.

Training Philosophy:

Ulisses believes in a holistic approach to bodybuilding, focusing on the synergy between mind, body, and nutrition. His training routines are intense and meticulously planned, combining weight training, cardio, and functional exercises. He advocates for consistency, discipline, and a positive mindset as key elements in achieving fitness goals.

Role Model and Mentor:

Beyond his personal achievements, Ulisses is passionate about inspiring and guiding others on their fitness journeys. As a personal trainer, he has helped countless individuals transform their bodies and lives. His motivational speeches, workout programs, and social media presence have made him a role model for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Meet Ulisses at Sense4Fit Summit:

We are thrilled to announce that Ulisses will be joining us at the Sense4Fit Summit on September 7-8 at RomExpo, Bucharest, Romania. This is a unique opportunity to meet the legend himself, participate in exclusive workshops, tackle exciting challenges, and engage in inspiring meet-and-greet sessions.

Join us at the biggest fitness festival in Eastern and Central Europe and be part of this extraordinary event. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the best in the industry and elevate your fitness journey to new heights.