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Certified Instructor of Wim Hof Method & Holotropic Breathwork - GTT Certificate

Stefan Chihaia


With 10 years of travels and experiences around the world - in places such as Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, China, Japan, New Caledonia, India, and Canada - Stefan enriched his knowledge, applying the teachings in exploring life and the human psyche. Meanwhile, in Romania, he completed his studies in Psychology.

Fascinated by astrology and grounded in the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion, Stefan also had the courage to delve into the "Wim Hof" experience, becoming the first Romanian certified by the "Wim Hof Academy" and bringing this phenomenon to Romania.

His life philosophy is simple and profound: we are born original, and it is our duty to find the courage to listen to ourselves and manifest this uniqueness in the world. Through this inner and outer journey, Stefan Chihaia inspires and encourages others to explore their own truths and live authentically.