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Simona was born in Romania - Bucharest, being influenced by Nordic, Moldavian ties from her mother's side and Russian ones from her father's side. Dance and music have been part of her life since childhood, when she was trying to make friends with ballet, dances modern and singing courses. Simona invests a lot in her own development, often traveling outside Romania to stay up to date with international trends and to create a development in unison. Just to share her studies, she often teaches in Romania, in dance camps and seminars In 2014 he held the first international workshop, in Greece - Costa Navarino, going on to hold a tour in the USA, Italy, and other seminars in Europe.

Convinced of the fact that the strongest essences come from the roots, she did not lose contact with the underground dance scene, using these resources to complement the stage dance. She collaborated as a dancer with important names from the Romanian music industry such as: Alex Velea, CRBL, 3SE and choreographed several advertising spots, as well as music videos. "