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For Ovidiu, Pilates is a genuine postural gymnastics that, as Joseph H Pilates himself stated, "trains the body harmoniously and uplifts the spirit." In today's urban environment, where sedentary activities are increasingly prevalent, this method brings the body to its natural state of balance, ease of movement, as well as muscular strength and endurance, ultimately resulting in a harmoniously developed and supple body. To achieve these benefits with the people he works with, Ovidiu believes that every instructor must make a clear distinction between Pilates exercises and fitness exercises.

Ovidiu has been teaching this method with great conviction and passion since 2007, being convinced of the positive effects that anyone attending his classes will experience. This includes individuals who are sedentary and seeking some movement at the end of the day, those with restrictions or special medical conditions, and even high-performance athletes.

After more than 13 years of practice and continuous training, his current desire is to be of assistance to those instructors who are either at the beginning of their careers or, after years of teaching, want to expand their knowledge portfolio for daily use in their work with clients. This is aimed at achieving better results and a much more valuable and diverse practice.