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My name is Mihaela Murgu and I am the creator of the MIHAELA MURGU METHOD for slimming, modeling and muscle toning I have over 25 years of experience in this industry and during all this time I have put a lot of passion and dedication into helping thousands of people step into this journey, to change their lives! In order to gain the trust and appreciation of my clients, I participated in many training programs, thus becoming internationally recognized as an EFA (European Fitness Association) Instructor.
My classes are especially noted for combining aerobics and fitness programs with elements from classical ballet (Ballet Barre Workout). These include both individual personal training programs and in teams, for people who want to achieve goals such as: burning calories, toning muscles, improving physical resistance to effort, restoring the body after birth or even various diseases and injuries. Functional Training programs, with your own body weight or with equipment such as Bosu, Training Bars, Kettlebells, Gym Ball, combined with Ballet Barre Workout programs are excellent workouts that will help you achieve your goals! Another important aspect is the ability to combine expertise with incredible motivational techniques that inspire my clients to achieve their goals. Not only do I understand the science of obtaining a healthy body shape, but I am also able to break down the psychological barriers that limit so much the effort made, in order to reach my full potential. My goal is to develop, strengthen and educate will, courage, initiative and discipline.
Each of us has the power to transform himself into something incredible!
Don't forget, Sport is Health! Be wise and choose to be healthy and beautiful at the same time!