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Iulian Dinu is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur with an impressive trajectory in the health and fitness field. With over a decade of experience, he is not only the founder but also the heart and driving force of Fitness Education School, an educational institution that has become a true pillar of the industry in Romania.

With a bold vision and the passion to share his knowledge, Iulian has shaped the careers of over 9000 future fitness instructors, aerobics trainers, and nutrition consultants. He is not just a leader but also a dedicated mentor, guiding an impressive team of over 30 specialists in the fitness and health field. Together, they have transformed Fitness Education School into a remarkable national influence, conducting courses in no less than 15 cities across Romania.

His contribution has been recognized not only at the national level. Iulian was honored with the Forbes 30 under 30 Award, a distinction that highlighted his dedication and significant impact on the industry. The ISuccess Gala in 2022 confirmed his excellence once again, awarding him the prize for Excellence in Professional Training and Teaching Fitness, Nutrition, and Psychonutrition Courses.

But behind these dazzling achievements stands a man thirsty for knowledge and perfection. With over 20 professional training courses in areas such as business, marketing, sales, management, and leadership, and no fewer than three master's programs completed in health activity management, sports psychology, and communication and public relations, Iulian demonstrates a firm commitment to personal and professional growth. Additionally, the four post-graduate courses he has completed, focused on leadership, applied psychology in diplomacy, protocol, and communication, add a broad and complex perspective on the world of business and human relationships.

As a sports psychologist, physical therapist, and physical trainer with over 17 years of vast experience, Iulian Dinu is not only a leader in his field but also a source of inspiration for all those aspiring to work in these areas.