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Denis Dochioiu is a spiritual guide, with a holistic approach, through yoga, meditation, breathwork, sacred rituals and evolutionary retreats in Romania and India.
She is the founder of Life Yoga Center and the online platform( The path of transformation School) “Scoala Calea Transformarii”.
She was born in Romania, where she studied management and law, working in a corporation until 10 years ago, when she decided to quit her job and travel to India and Bali, seeking for the real purpose of life.
She dived deep into the sacred himalayan wisdom, and also teaching, as team member in a yoga Academy in Rishikesh.
Now she spends her time sharing the life changing wisdom of yoga, creating supportive environment for growth and transformation, and her dharma is to encourage, support and uplift the genuine seekers of transformation, living an abundant and joyful life .