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Beatrice Olaru is a distinguished fitness coach, celebrated Nike athlete, and the winner of the second season of "Exatlon România," a popular sports reality show aired on ProTV. Hailing from Botoșani, Beatrice's dedication to sports and fitness has been a defining element of her life from a young age.

Her victory in "Exatlon România" brought her significant recognition, highlighting her physical prowess and mental resilience. Beatrice's success on the show earned her a substantial prize of 100,000 euros, which she has utilized to further her career in fitness and support her family .

Beyond her television fame, Beatrice is known for her role as a Nike athlete, where she represents the brand's commitment to promoting female athletes and inspiring a new generation of fitness enthusiasts. Her partnership with Nike underscores her influence in the fitness community and her dedication to advocating for active and healthy lifestyles .

In her personal life, Beatrice is married to Alexandru, and together they have a daughter, Ana Malvina.

As a prominent figure in the fitness world, Beatrice Olaru continues to inspire many through her journey of perseverance, discipline, and commitment to health and wellness. She remains a celebrated icon in both the sports and fitness industries, making significant contributions to the promotion of active living.

Beatrice will be a featured speaker at the Sense4Fit Summit, where she will share her insights on fitness, overcoming challenges, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Join us to learn from her experiences and be inspired by her journey.