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Attila Kovacs, Phd is a passionate freediving champion and breathing specialist.

Within a brief period of time, he accomplished the remarkable feat of securing two national records. His abilities now extend to holding his breath for over 7 minutes and executing dives to depths of 45 meters with a single breath, eschewing the use of swim fins.

The essence of freediving, as he sees it, lies in determining how long one can hold their breath and how deep they can venture with a single inhalation. Success in this demanding sport hinges on cultivating the right mental attitude and pushing the limits of both body and mind.

The journey of personal development undertaken has propelled him to a level akin to the "superhuman," a testament to their growth from the person they once were.

As a certified executive and performance coach by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), Atilla draws from his deep well of knowledge in neuroscience and mental processes and teaches with great confidence and passion.

Driven by a mission, Attila seeks to help others realize this responsibility, offering challenges and motivation to apply the methods gleaned through five years of personal experimentation and conscious performance measurement. His goal is to empower others to wield these developmental tools and evolve into the person they aspire to become.