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Andy Szekely is a pioneer of the personal development and leadership training market, educational architect, entrepreneur, author, founder of Bootcamp University and professional speaker with almost 30 years of experience.

He is the Romanian speaker who spoke on the same stage with most of the world's top speakers who visited Romania. (Examples: John Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Martin Lindstrom, Bob Proctor, Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracy, Dr. Oz.) He gave presentations and training in 7 European countries, China, USA and Canada.

Creator of the AS community, which counts over 400,000 members passionate about personal development, his personal experience as a speaker and trainer exceeds 3,000 live appearances.
Andy is the first certified LAB Profile® Trainer/Consultant/Coach in Romania and among the first in the world to receive Cialdini Certified Professional and founding member status of The Cialdini Institute."