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Stay Fit Gym, founded in 2012 by three agile Romanian entrepreneurs, is the second largest gym chain in Romania by the number of open centers, currently operating 40+ units throughout the country. The centers offer a wide range of services for people who are physically active, such as aerobics and functional training classes, personal trainer and sauna. All fitness centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are primarily aimed at the affordable segment of the market.

Who is Alexandru? an entrepreneur, an engineer at the base, but with a desire to develop successful businesses. From 2012 until now, he managed to grow the fitness market together with the 2 associates, to reach the 1st place in this field by the end of 2024. The last 2 years were full of success, he managed to open one location per month with the Sfg team, and in the last 6 months, 2 locations per month.

The year 2024 ends with 50+ locations, target to be no 1 player regarding The number of clubs.
Alexandru is part of te REX - an internațional fitness Association composed of 15-18 smart and successful CEOs who meet regularly to help each other improve the performance of their business. Also is the Executive President of Romania Active's - vision is to be the united voice of the health, fitness and physical activity industry in Romania.