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Former European Champion MMA & Certified Coach in USAus

Alexandru Codita


former performance athlete, former component of wrestling teams, representing Romania at the highest levels at the European and world level in Olympic and non-Olympic contact sports. I am currently a Crossfit trainer and the founder of The Beast Team wrestling gym. I work in the gym as a main trainer. My record as a fighter had over 100 matches, of which only 2 were lost. This gave me the chance to experiment with multiple styles and training programs along with different nutrition methods. I tried everything on myself to know exactly what will work for you! This aspect led me to a unique training style. Functional training based on Therapeutic Fitness, which contains elements of postural correction and medical recovery. My certification as a CrossFit trainer granted in the USA gives me the confidence to combine Therapeutic Fitness with components from Olympic sports and key exercises from the physical training of fighters. This mix of training has contributed to the physical and mental transformation of dozens of people who have trained with me both in the wrestling room and in the fitness room. Train with me making everything seem easy!