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In order to participate in the Sense4FIT SUMMIT event, each participant undertakes and declares on his own responsibility the following:

  • That he has taken note of all the provisions of the regulations for participation in the event and undertakes to comply with them;
  • That he is physically (medically) fit for prolonged physical effort and in weather conditions specific to the day of the event;
  • That NO will not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or narcotics; That he has correctly and completely completed the registration form and paid the event participation fee;
  • That he has correctly and completely completed the registration form and paid the event participation fee;
  • That he has taken note of the recommendations of the organizers regarding the clothing and footwear to be used during the event and that he will follow these recommendations;
  • That they strictly follow the instructions of the coaches within the classes, the coaches being persons authorized to interrupt the activities in case the event regulations are violated;
  • That he will not throw any kind of waste in the perimeter of the event, outside the specially arranged spaces, being informed that this violation is a ground for disqualification from the event, without the right of appeal (and without the return of the participation fee );
  • That he will behave in a decent manner and with sportsmanship throughout the duration of the event without embarrassing the other participants and/or organizers;
  • That he has medical insurance for incidents occurring during sports competitions or assumes the expenses caused by a possible injury for which the organizers are not responsible;
  • That he has no claim regarding the photo images and videos taken during the event in which he is captured, with the firm commitment of the organizer that he will not use these images for purposes other than the promotion of the event, implicit in the activities of the organizers, sponsors, mass media written and video, when creating posters, diplomas and other informative materials dedicated to fitness activities;
  • That he has taken cognizance of the fact that the collected data (name, surname, e-mail, telephone, age category) are collected strictly for the purpose of organizing the event and are NOT transferred to third parties, for commercial purposes;
  • That he has taken note of the terms of the disclaimer displayed on the website, as well as the Terms and Conditions of use of the website, including his rights and obligations according to the GDPR.
  • Tickets are transferable  and non-refundable